I Wanted to Make My Own Pay Stubs

When I first started my business nearly six years ago, I only had to worry about my own wages. Since I made very little on it, it was not very hard to do. I persevered though, and I finally saw some success about a year ago when I was able to hire a couple of people to help me on a part time basis. I knew that I would not need them for very many hours at first, and I was hoping that would change sooner rather than later. I went online and did a search for fake pay stubs even before looking for someone to hire.

I wanted to make sure I had all of my so called ducks in a row before I made the leap into becoming an employer rather than just a self employed woman. I knew that I would need to have some type of record kept for their hours and pay, and I figured it would be easiest if I just handled it myself. It definitely was easier once I found the website I wanted to use, and it was a whole lot cheaper than if I had hired an accountant to help me with this.

I liked the site because it was created by a group of accountants, so they knew exactly what needed to be done since this is what they do for their clients. I decided to try it out since I would not have to pay unless I actually submitted the entire pay stub. I just wanted to see if it was as easy to use as it looked, and it was. It walked me through every step, and that is why I decided to go with it. I am printing out two of them every two weeks, and hopefully that number will double or triple since business continues to pick up!